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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Up in smoke... that's where my money goes...

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Click on the picture above to use an interactive tool calculating how much money you have spent on cigarettes in the past or how much you will spend on them in the future. When computing future costs, this calculator does not take into account inflation or the rising cost of cigarettes or the taxes on them. The actual amount you spend will be higher.

A pack of cigarettes now costs more than $5 on average—with some states tacking on additional taxes that raise the price even more. In New York City, local taxes have pushed the cost of a pack to about $10.

Cost of smoking: Based on $10/pack

10 cigs a day x 1 year = $1875
20 cigs a day x 1 year = $3650
30 cigs a day x 1 year = $5475
40 cigs a day x 1 year = $7300

How 'bout 20 cigs a day @ $10/pack x 10 years?
Answer: $36,500.00

(BTW, I have and continue to smoke my fair share, I have also quit for years at a time. Right now this $10 a pack thing may just be the deal breaker, there's a serious financial cost involved here regardless of all the other reasons to stop smoking.)